4 Things we are doing to improve our video adverts!


We are currently in the process of reviewing our video advert campaigns and we wanted to share with you 4 things we have learnt from the process.

Audio is everything!

You can get away with your footage not being Hollywood quality but if your sound isn't clear people will not listen to what you have to say.

Subtitles for quiet places.

Subtitle your videos. If people are at work or on the train they might not be able to have the sound up. If you subtitle it, people will continue to watch.

Who are you?

Make sure you utilise graphics. If people clearly know who you are and what you are selling we have found they are more likely to continue to watch.

Act up.

Be prepared, learn your lines and make sure you project. Being enthusiastic and engaging ensures more views. Its obvious but so many videos we watch don’t seem to consider this as important.

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