4 Steps to "Self-Actualisation"

Abraham Maslow’s 1943 paper suggested motivation was like a pyramid and only full potential or ‘self-actualisation’ can be reached when the bottom needs have been met by the individual.

Although this theory has dated it still gives a great starting point for looking at what motivates staff.

Need 1 – Physiological

The most basic needs water, food and shelter.

Need 2 – Safety

Financial and personal security. To a certain degree every one will need a basic wage to live.

Need 3 – Belonging

Family and friends or the security of like minded people will always be a key motivator.

Need 4 – Esteem

The final need before self-actualisation will be critical for Start-Ups to focus on. Big salaries are unlikely to be available but by giving staff recognition, respect and challenging work you may be able to motivate them to a level more significant than any financial rewards would achieve.

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Charles Hurley