4 Simple Ways we Improved our Facebook Adverts

Facebook has been a key tool in our marketing strategy. Here are 4 simple ways we improved our ads:

Target demographics

It may be difficult to establish straight away which gender, age or experience level you want to target your Start-ups adverts at. Trying several different targets early on allows you to quickly find the right audience for your product or service.

Get the right look

Make sure the images you select appeal to your target audience. Try professional and more casual images to see which has the most appeal. Emojis are also useful and can quickly highlight what you Start-up is about.

Ensure clarity

It’s obvious but it’s amazing how many adverts don’t clearly list the facts you want potential buyers to see. Make sure dates, times and venues are correct and clearly visible on ads.

Highlight takeaways

Making sure you tell buyers what they will leave with or get from your service or product is a key way of making them sign-up as they will be totally clear what they will receive.

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Charles Hurley