4 Qualities Effective Leaders Demonstrate

Effective Leadership is key to any business but if you are a Start-Up providing a clear direction to your staff is crucial to making sure the company heads in the right direction.

So here are 4 qualities effective leaders demonstrate:

Show High Levels of integrity

Integrity is one the most consistent traits shown by great leaders. It's been shown that Leaders with Integrity promote loyalty and motivate staff as they trust their leaders intentions.

Our mantra for this is ‘Do what you say you are going to do by when you said you were going to do it’.

Promote Autonomy

If you are constantly trying to do everything because you feel only ‘you’ can complete the work the way ‘you’ want it to be done then you are not promoting autonomy. Instead challenge staff. It's been show that challenging work is a key motivator in creating job satisfaction.

Inspire Innovation

Set in your ways? If you don’t inspire staff to create new ways of working you are missing huge opportunities for your company to be improved by the people who the majority of the time are actually doing the work.

Build relationships to encourage followership

Encouraging Followership means that staff will become followers rather than just subordinates leading to higher levels of autonomy and innovation giving you more time to concentrate on leading the company and completing your goals.

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Charles Hurley