4 Differences Between Coaching and Consulting

Our seminars and workshops contain elements of both Coaching and Consulting. Here are 4 ways they differ:

Consultants tell you what they think

Consultants are usually experts in the field you have hired them for thus they will share their expertise to target what the client needs. Coaches will also tell you what they think but it may come further down the road after they have seen how you operate.

Coaches ask more questions

Consultants will as well but they are more interested in sharing their expertise. A coach wants to find what it is inside you that motivates you to succeed.

Consultancy can be more quantitative than qualitative

Consultants will generally be interested in the “data’ to make their recommendations. For Coaches there will be an element of the individual or business behind the data.

Coaches focus on strengths

A consultant will look to eradicate a companies weaknesses by finding them and using their experience to solve them. A coach is more likely to discover how the strength of the individual or business can be used to make them self sustaining and successful.

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Charles Hurley