4 Types of Management Style Transformational Leaders Avoid

Transformational Leadership has become identified as the style successful Heads of Business demonstrate. From Abraham Lincoln to Steve Jobs Transformational Leaders make followers advance to a higher level of motivation.

Transformational leaders are characterized by the ability to bring about development in both followers and the organization. Unlike the opposing style of transactional leadership, transformational leaders look to promote autonomy in followers developing them into ‘leaders’ themselves going beyond their self-interests for the good of the group. Transformational leadership promotes team coordination and thus raises organizational performance.

So here are 4 Transactional Management Styles Transformational Leaders Avoid:

Theory X Manager– Managers see they’re staff as inherently lazy and need constant managing. This becomes time consuming for the business head and demotivates staff.

Rational Goal Model– Assumes financial reward is the key staff motivator. Although financial reward can be a motivator its been shown by many experts to not be the ‘key’ motivator and in many instances has the opposite effect and demotivate staff. With Start-Up’s generally having lower budgets finding other motivators other than money will be key.

Paternal – The Father. Takes on decision making for employees and denies autonomy. Although outwardly caring they deny staff the chance to innovate and increase their own workload.

Laissez Faire - Provides no Leadership and leaves staff to set their own individual agenda usually leading to in fighting and decreased motivation. Think David Brent!

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