The 4 Key Tools We Use To Improve the Financial Performance of a Company


Profit and Loss Forecast

Does your business have credibility? Without a Profit and Loss forecast how do you know. A P&L forecast gives you the chance to compare what money comes in to what money goes out of your business. If more is going out you may need to re-think whether you have a business at all!


A general tool but vital. Look at the market you are entering, talk to people in that market, ask them about their financials. If you think you can make a guess at what to expect in an unknown market we are here to tell you, YOU CAN’T so Research Research Research!

Cash Flow Forecast

If you’ve passed the first two tests then a cash flow forecast is all about security. Soon, very soon people will be looking to be paid, if you haven’t worked out your payment terms correctly you are not going to have the cash in the bank required.

Balance Sheet

Assets versus Liabilities! If you can find the harmony required between these two foes chances are your business will be a success!

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Viran Chana